About Deleni Group LLC

Why Choose Us For Website Design

In the fast-paced business world of today, people are constantly connected online and use the Internet for a significant part of their daily business activities. That being said, you need to make sure that your website is well-planned, user friendly, and inviting. That’s why now, more than ever before, finding the right website developers is so critical.

We know how competitive today’s business market can be, and that’s why we go above and beyond to build you a successful website that is intrinsically designed to deliver a satisfying experience for your customers and maximum results for your business. Our fully responsive designs are also mobile-friendly, so your business is always at your clients’ fingertips.

At Deleni Group, we know what works.

Our Designers

Our designers are top shelf and bulging at the seems with creativity. Each and every one of our designers goes through a rigorous application process and are tested in both the fundamentals of design, as well as coding aptitude.

Company Culture

Here at the Deleni Group LLC, we have a saying. “It’s not a job if you LOVE going to it!” That’s why every one of our employees tells everyone that they have no job. They simply state that they get paid to play.


We believe in diving headfirst into every single project that we take on. That is why our designers & developers ask so many facts finding questions. We learn as much about you, your company and what you sell as possible before ever taking your project to the drawing board.

Our website developers will embrace your business

Your Data is safe with us

We understand how sensitive data is, and we take every precaution to keep our customer’s website files safe and free of malware. This is why we offer SSL installations to all customers as an option. With an SSL installed on your IP, you will ensure that your data is safe from hackers and malware.

customer support

Customer support is available by phone during normal business hours, and by email or ticket system after business hours. We realize that website software, updates, and servers don’t care that Saturday is our website’s busiest day. When it goes down, it goes down. This is why we offer a ticket to support via email, or direct support via phone.