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We are a full service website design and development company, which offers a variety of website Design packages to suit the needs of your business and your budget.

Our Designers and Developers can assist you in successfully branding your business and give you the competitive edge needed.

Creative Web Design

Our Success Strategy

We believe in diving head first into every single project that we take on. That is why our designers & developers ask so many fact finding questions.

We learn as much about you, your company and what you sell as possible before ever taking your project to the drawing board.

Our Services

  • Website Design
  • Custom Theme Design
  • Custom Template Design
  • Logo Design
  • Application Development
  • Database Management


I love the website your company created for me! I took some time to test all of the links, and everything looks and runs great. I’m excited to start blogging and marketing and highly recommend Deleni Group. Thanks a bunch!

Dale C.


I love what you have done! I had been wanting to open a web store of my own, and have worked with several companies in the past, but my previous attempts got me nowhere. Deleni Group made my vision a reality, proving all along it was well worth the money spent. You provided the site that I wanted and built several great stores into it. When I thought I might like to make some changes to the types of products being sold on my site, your company helped me pick them out and made sure it was all set up just the way I wanted it. You have made my site something to be proud of! I think you have done a great job and would recommend Deleni Group to anyone wanting a web store. You have made mine special!

Diana P.


The website looks great! I love how it turned out, especially the content in “Puppy Care Tips”. What a great picture! I am really excited to be adding my own touch to it while I work on my first blog post!

Delores G.                                                                                                            


Thank you so much for building our website. We are very happy with how it turned out! The walk through we had today was really helpful and easy to understand. Thanks a lot!

Mohammed and Fatou C.


Thank you for walking me through my new website. I really appreciate your knowledge and patience while explaining the entire process and products to me. The site looks very professional and is easy to navigate. I like the look of the blog. It will really help me to promote my site! You were very nice and friendly. Lots to learn. Best thing I ever did!


Rupendra S.


I have been working extremely hard to get traffic to my site. Deleni Group included  

extremely wonderful resources that answer all my questions on traffic flow, sales and “how to” perform many operations on my site. The site has a very “modern mall” appearance that is functional and pleasing to the eye. It is very professional. The marketing information I also received is very helpful and user-friendly. The layout and function is “Top Shelf”, very inviting to the traffic. I am very hopeful that with the addition of traffic, the site will become the winner I have been waiting for, for so long!!   

 Thanks for all the help!

Very Respectfully,
Pete P.


My name is Scott and I am from Dayton Ohio.  I’ve had a website since January 2018.  Thanks to the Deleni Group I have enjoyed access to consultants who are generous with their time and knowledge.  In fact, I have another scheduled phone call, which is the second consult in about 10 days.  My expectations have been exceeded and they have really followed through. This is the REAL DEAL…. People who actually exist to help, experts in their field.  Deleni Group has proven to be a viable and excellent choice.

Scott G.



To all those interested in having a website created,

 I started this journey around the same time that my mom had to be placed in an assisted living facility. The Deleni Group created a website for me with links and info to get me started. I was assigned a consultant who would contact me and help me to get started. And sure enough, that is exactly what happened. A consultant contacted me and didn’t just jump in…. he asked questions and learned about my needs, wants, and desires. He not only is my consultant but he has also become my friend. He worked with me using my passions to create a beautiful and functional website ……. what I needed to be successful. Unfortunately, my mom has passed and my consultant has given his condolences and truly understands what I am feeling. Along with helping me, tips and information were shared to help me stay focused despite my circumstances.

 I highly recommend the Deleni Group to assist in creating a website that will truly amaze and work. If I should ever need another website or know anyone who wishes to create a website, I will definitely give them the Deleni Group’s number.

 Forever grateful,

JoAnn H.


Thank you for getting me set up with a great website!  I was quite satisfied with what Miriam helped me with today!! There was only one thing that I didn’t like but she had it taken care of immediately.  She took her time to walk me through my website and assured me that if I had any questions or problems she was there to assist me! This is a big step for me and I feel confident that if I have any questions, my team will be there to help me!!

Michael R.


The idea of building a website or designing one seemed daunting to me. Deleni Group helped make that process seamless. The representatives were very patient and helpful. Navigating through the website is easier than I expected. I am pleased with the final outcome and am proud to show to family, friends, and clients.

Bernadette E.


I want to say thank you  Michael, or getting my website up and running and helping me to come up with a name for it. It looks really good.…  I could not have done it myself. The pictures of all the products are great. Also, I, want to say thank you for all that you have done to get me into the program I am using. When I had a problem financially, you worked with me to make it so I could get this website up and running. 

I also want to say thank you to Miriam for all that you have done to get me going, the information that you have sent me to help me understand what I need to do. 

Now with your help, I am going to make this work so that sometime down the road this website will be running well enough for me to come off the road from driving a truck to work with this website full time.

 Thank you,

 Charles W.


I was looking for a way to do something useful, profitable and challenging online.

I was really worried because of my lack of experience….so I thought…I just needed someone to really lead me step by step.

 Thank God one day…. I made a decision… Deleni group would be the one…

They work next to the client every day, every minute with knowledge of all the topics related to web design and sales on the internet. Patience and professionalism characterized them.

The results were fantastic! My website looks awesome and is simple and easy to use. They provided all the information I needed to start my work without any drawbacks. Most importantly, they created a professional website just for me, and at a very reasonable price.


This experience has been more than a business, It is a new opportunity to learn and stay up to date with the latest concepts and philosophies in the market. 

If you are still looking for an ideal provider, I strongly recommend the Deleni group. Rather, I should say Deleni Family……


Fernando G.


Miriam is the greatest motivator the Deleni Group could ever offer a newbie like me! She is extremely kind and understanding.  I have been so excited for my website to go live. Thank you!  You are the greatest! Traffic domination is now mine and I am on the run… It rocks to be an entrepreneur, and I’m glad I started with you!

Start on top!

 Gary W.                                                                                                     


I have been trying to get a website that I liked for about 2 years and have spent a lot of money with other web developers to no avail. Their fees were large and they always seemed to have something else for me to buy to be a success.  Their websites were hard to navigate and when I would call, no one would call me back.

 The Deleni Group was easy to talk to and finished my website on schedule.  Their fees were fair and there were no added fees tacked on. They walked me through the website and explained everything completely.  They even emailed me the instructions we went over (with pictures to help remind me).

 I would recommend the Deleni Group to anyone who needs a website built. They are easy to talk to and really seem to care about your success.

Jacqueline K.


Deleni Group was very helpful with getting my website started. We needed a way to extend our outreach to the public. Each person I spoke with was instrumental in helping me to gather information, and choose the perfect site. After the website was built and live on the web, they gave me the tools and assistance necessary to keep improving on advertising with different media platforms. They provided information to help with spreading the word about my website I do appreciate the straightforward approach.

Harry F.


I had an excellent experience with the walkthrough of the launch of my site.  All questions were answered and done very quickly and with courtesy. I was contacted a couple of times because the site wasn’t originally quite ready due to waiting on an auction with Go Daddy for the domain I wanted. I was very impressed with the amount of content Miriam was able to give me on the walkthrough, and also with the follow-up email and attachments. She obviously wants me to understand fully how this works.  I am very impressed and would recommend this group to anyone looking for development of their own sites.

Jim K.


I was referred to Deleni Group by another firm. I have had a very positive experience.  Each person I have dealt with seemed to be working to make my business successful. The representative I spoke with was clear in explaining everything and I didn’t need a degree in technology to understand each point he made. My support person was very easy to follow and she spelled everything out, again not getting me lost in technology.  When I explained my background she adapted her presentation to fit my situation.  While I know my success is determined mainly by what I do, I felt like the Deleni Group wanted me to be successful. I couldn’t ask for more.

 Ken D.


I am so pleased and happy with my new website!  I had no idea what to expect at first but after I toured my site I couldn’t believe it was mine! I received a wealth of information from Miriam and I am so grateful to her and the Deleni Group for this wonderful opportunity. I’m very excited and I look forward to what will happen next.

Kecia M.


I chose Deleni Group because I wanted a website, but have had some previous experiences with other companies that did not go well.  Deleni Group answered all of my questions and concerns with no problems. I was amazed at how little it cost for Deleni Group to build my site and how easy it is to navigate through it.  What I found with Deleni Group is that they are an honest company that goes above and beyond to help people looking to build a website. I like the fact that Deleni Group really cares about their customers and is always there when I need them. I feel comfortable with Deleni Group and I know that I’m in good hands.  I would recommend Deleni Group to anyone looking to build a website.

Keysha S.


Hello, this is Richard P. I decided to do business with the Deleni Group because they were easy to work with over the phone.  The gentleman I talked to was not pushy. He wanted to make sure I really wanted to do what I wanted to do. He offered expert advice while customizing my site, but also let me make a lot of the decisions myself, like what I would name the website, what blog topics I wanted and what products I would like to sell.

I really appreciated that my consultant didn’t rush me.  He listened and made comments where needed. He was considerate and cared about the fact that I have been burned by web developers in the past that charged huge fees and didn’t pan out. My experience with Deleni Group was quite different. They created a website that I truly like. They keep in touch and are available whenever I need additional help.

These web designers did exactly what I asked for and i appreciate that. They also gave me the option to make periodic changes, and assured me they would help me with that. I would recommend the Deleni Group to other small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to have a website that not only looks good but that is very effective. You will not be disappointed.

If you have ever had a bad experience with a website that ended in failure like I have, just know that this is the first testimonial I have ever written about a company. This company is brilliant and I can’t wait to see the results at the end of this year. 

Richard P.


I really enjoyed your help today with setting up my website and all of the additional instructions you sent to help me learn even more. I liked what I saw on my website and really appreciate the ease of using it!  I also have never blogged before, and the instructional materials you sent me on that will really help!  My consultant and you will be a great asset to my success! You already have been by getting me started.

When I spoke with your company, I liked what I heard and decided to give your business a chance at helping me to achieve my business goals.  I am looking forward to continuing to work with you!


Shirley H.  


Hello Folks, my name is Terrence. As of this date, I have tried building my business using five different web development and marketing companies.  Sadly, to not much avail.  It seemed to never fail….  I was always running into worst case scenarios.  Getting involved with some of these companies usually would end up taking sometimes months to get myself positioned, taught the systems, and learning how to place ads, as well as many intricate details on managing my customers and business details.  And, that’s not to mention the $30,000 I had spent getting everything set up and paying for pay per click ads.  I had found it all very much like rocket science.  Then, just a couple of months ago, I was introduced to The Deleni Group.  After what I had been through, over the past three years with the five past experiences, the advice Deleni Group offered to me for marketing my site makes a world of difference from what I previously had been doing.  My training to understand their suggested marketing methods and systems only took a phone meeting for an hour and a half and has been a lot cheaper both with my time and money spent for start-up fees.  Deleni really makes it simple.  It’s a great feeling to know that every dollar I make from my marketing will go into my pocket and not for overcoming the cost of ads and the several other monthly fees you can run into when trying to do something like this.  My past six years have been bad.  Now, due to my involvement with The Deleni Group, I feel I have something to look forward to.

Terrence D.


My website looks great! I appreciate everything the Deleni Group has done to get me started. I’m excited!

Todd S.


I approached Deleni Group because they were referred to as professional and diligent. I needed help with developing my new online business adventure. The business helped me by being very personable and perfectional, while brainstorming with me and thinking outside the box. The end result was my new website! What I found was a group of professionals that walked me through each part of developing my new business. If I had questions, all I had to do was ask. One thing I like is that I have gained confidence that I can handle my own business, with back up and help available at all times. Another thing I like is that the sky is the limit, cyberspace is infinite, the setup process is simple, and my website was up and running in no time. Deleni always has my back. They answer any detailed questions that I have. I found this experience to be challenging, exciting and very personable with the help of the Deleni Group. Sow your ideas in to this cyber space journey of the 21stcentury and make your million with the Deleni Group!

Debra S.


To whom it may concern;

I would like to thank the Deleni Group for the tools and information they provided to me regarding my website. They have been very helpful! I look forward to learning more to grow my business.

With regards,

Kecheler F.


I am very impressed with how my website turned out. I really like the layout, and how my products are categorized and displayed. Your guidance on starting and expanding my business has been very informative.

Vernon M.


I wanted to have a website for my business, and I wanted to be able to blog about the things that I am passionate about. I was amazed at what Deleni created for me, and all the support that came with it.

My products displayed are like nothing I have ever seen before.

I was impressed with the ease of searching. There is so much information online, it can be overwhelming to find what you want. But this website makes the search process so easy, I was impressed.  I didn’t know that something this buyer friendly and fast existed.

Gay P.


I’ve seen some of my friends with online businesses become very successful and I have also seen some flop. As years passed, I kept reading about and studying businesses online and slowly began to realize that this is the future. Either get with it, or get left behind. Shortly after, I spoke with The Deleni Group – a great group of web developers that are also knowledgeable on the type of business I wanted to create. After the group shared lots of information with me on them as a company, and the type of website I wanted to create, I said to myself, “There is a first time for everything.” and they worked with me step by step during the creation of my online store, and am very happy with the outcome!

Jarvez S.


This is Neil… I’m very happy with the website! I’m pleased with your team setting it all up for me, and walking me through it. I really appreciate all the help, because I’m not experienced, and need all the help I can get! Larry and Miriam were very helpful.

Neil K.


Thank you so much for working with me. I love the name of my website and it looks awesome! I am very happy with how it turned out. This has been my dream for many years and finally, it is happening.

I had been looking for a way to set up a business online, but I realized that I needed someone who can teach me step by step… and somehow I met Deleni Group. If anyone like me is looking for help building a website, I would highly recommend Deleni Group. While I was customizing the website with my consultant, Michael, I felt that this company really cares about the customer. He frequently asked me what I like, what I would want to sell, and gave me professional recommendations, like what’s trending now, and what I could sell to make good sales, etc…  

I learned a lot! What I really felt comfortable about while working with him was that he gave me plenty of guidance, but then let me make the decisions myself. I also appreciate Miriam for taking time to walk me through my website and explaining how everything works. It was a lot of information and very helpful.

Thank you Deleni Group again.
I am very excited about what will happen next!




Thanks for the walk through!

 This is giving me an opportunity to expand my website knowledge.

 Knowing you are behind the scene gives me a boost of confidence.

 As my Husband retires, I plan to use the website as a supplement to our income.

 Looking forward to LOTS of success!


 Nancy R.


Good morning Miriam,

Thank you so much for your patience in assisting me. I want to thank you both for my website. I really like it and as far as I am concerned, the Deleni Group is the BOMB!

I could not have completed my site without you. There is so much I do not know and this is why I chose your company. The Deleni Group offered one on one training. This 

is exactly what I needed because of my poor sight. I always have lots of questions and it is great to have a go to person to get my answers. As a senior, I am learning so much! 

Again, thank you all so much for the excellent work and I appreciate all the help I have received from your company and am so happy I chose the Deleni Group.


Mamie S.


Hi Miriam,

I want to thank you for the time you took to walk me through my new website.  First of all, you called me
promptly at the time of our scheduled call.  That was so important to me because my days are so busy.  In addition to your promptness, you were very good at explaining everything that my website has to offer and what my responsibilities are. Then, you also sent me 5 very helpful email attachments that are helping me to get busy on my blog! 

I’m excited to get my online followers introduced to my new website and show them how easy it is to buy products from. I appreciate that you encouraged me to contact you any time I have questions!

Thanks again for all of your help.  I’ll give you a call in a couple weeks and let you know how I’m doing and have kind of a check up to make sure I haven’t forgotten any of your helpful tips or strategies.


Mya M.


After spending two plus years and thousands of dollars trying to build a business and a website to support my retirement, I gave up and forgot about it until I was introduced to the Deleni Group. Not only did they win me over, which was hard to do, they made this the easiest process possible. I have a beautiful, functioning website that is easy to handle, and it was accomplished in such a short time frame. They took the time to explain all my options and how to control them. If you are thinking about starting a website, and are like me, a computer neophyte, the Deleni Group will build you a beautiful, functioning site. They are patient, knowledgeable, and just plain awesome. I can’t recommend them more.                                                                    

Marsha D.


Deleni Group:

When I first started with the company, I was somewhat skeptical about what it did, how it works, and what the company could do for me.  Nevertheless, trying something new was most important to me– an opportunity to learn something new and to earn additional income.

Even though I had no idea what the website would look like, I trusted that all would be well.  The website is fantastic, colorful, sophisticated, quite functional, and professional looking.

When looking at other websites, I find that the one constructed for me was just as professional, well-designed, and as visually appealing as any other major website.

The web designer was knowledgeable, communicative, and helpful when brainstorming or making decisions about the design.  Always, there were clear explanations of each of the steps of construction of the website.

Overall, the representatives at Deleni Group have been effective in communicating, responding to every inquiry, and have been professional in all aspects of the process.  Anyone interested in building a website would find the Deleni Group an excellent partner with considerable expertise in the field of web design.

William Y. 


So far, I am very happy with the information that I received from Miriam. I like my new website.

I am going to look over info on blogging and everything else I need to know and am looking forward to this!

Stephanie R


I do like how my site turned out. I also like the fact that before the night was done, the changes were made that we discussed. 

  Thank you for the great looking site and for the help in getting everything going!

Thank you,

Matt N.


I am a 58 year old woman who knows nothing about computer stuff, and would not have been able to do this on my own. I have to admit I was really skeptical about doing business with another web developer, because I have had two bad experiences in the past, and it was really hard for me to trust another one to keep their promises, but the people at Deleni Group ended up being very kind, sincere, legitimate business people. They are all very courteous and showed patience throughout all our conversations about the website. In a matter of a couple weeks they were able to present my website to me and walk me through every step of the way. My website looks amazing and they explained things very well and covered all my questions. I couldn’t thank them enough for their sincerity and kindness. They have been very patient with me. I appreciate how honest and helpful they have been with me and I look forward doing business with them again.

Thank you so much,

Rita A.


Thanks to the Deleni group for getting me set up. This is an awesome site! Steff was great, she walked me through the site and

Addressed all my questions. I will definitely spread the word about your company.




Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. The website looks great and is simple to use. An associate walked me through the site and explained things perfectly. Any questions I had, she had an answer for. I’ve tried starting up with other companies before, but they were not near as helpful and supportive. I also like the fact that they offer continued support if a problem should arise. I would recommend Deleni Group to anyone wanting to start an online store. I can’t wait to see what happens from here. Thanks again!!!


Michael S. 


Thank you for the very informative call. ALL matters were addressed and adequately focused on. Very informative and thorough. The website is professional and will be an awesome gateway to those seeking great deals.
I look forward to our next appointment re: linking the websites on FB and WordPress.

Thank you again for your professionalism, attention to detail, your patience and the time taken.

Olakunle O.


This is my first time owning a web store. On my first phone session to walk through the site, the lady I spoke with was very patient with me…. I feel like I learned a lot and am very pleased with everything so far!
Sammy K.


I want to thank The Deleni Group for their excellent service in setting up my website.  It looks amazing! The Deleni Group is web app knowledgeable, helpful and friendly.  They have excellent communication and problem-solving skills.  They know every area of web development.  They know business.  Any future questions I may have, I am able to reach out for assistance as needed.

I had a wonderful experience dealing with Michael Kane and his assistant with setting up my website.  He was very honest and straightforward.  Our interaction was very engaging.  His assistant was excellent at walking me through the website.  They are very professional, and great people.  I appreciate the time they spent with me!

Now it is time for me to use the tools and information provided to me to be a success! 

I highly recommend this company, The Deleni Group, to anyone wanting a website developed.

Rita M.


I am content with the website aesthetic and how it covers a myriad of options for my clientele to choose from.  I like the way they coded my links with tracking capabilities for purchases derived from my website as well as other sites I have relationships with.

And, most importantly…. so far, Michael Kane and Miriam have done a great job at walking me through the development of my site. Miriam did an outstanding job walking me through my site, back office, blogging and managing my website. I am grateful to both of you for the creation of my website, and I look forward to it proving profitable for all parties involved. 

Truly Grateful,

Angel L. G.


So far, I have been very pleased with this company! They are prompt with taking my calls, and very helpful when I have questions. After my website was built, I had several changes I wanted to make with colors, styles and logo. Everything was done to my liking, and very quickly. I am pleased with the final product and would recommend Deleni Group to others looking for this type of service!

 Sheryl H.




I am very pleased with the website Deleni Group built for me. I’ve also been very pleased with their customer service, and am excited to get started!

Billy S.


This is to extend my thanks and appreciation to you and the Deleni Group for excellent service and support. I have been searching for a good developer and have not found any as efficient and helpful as I have with this company. Not to mention the small fee I had to pay compared to the others. I look forward to becoming one of your many success stories. 

Kindest regards, 

Joseph G.


I want to take this opportunity to say thanks to the Deleni Group for building my website. The website looks great and very professional. I have been trying to get a website that I can promote all of my different products on without having to break the bank. The Deleni Group made my dream a reality.  They walked me through my website, and explained everything to me completely, they even emailed me resources on how to advertise my website. I would recommend the Deleni Group to anyone who needs a website build… 

K. Johnson




I am very happy with my website! I also appreciate the Deleni Group’s kindness and help with applications and paperwork! I needed a quick turnaround, and chose to work with the Deleni Group because they have a great reputation, are pleasant to work with, and were quick to respond to my questions. They are always kind and patient, despite a very short timeline. The website was completed very quickly! It is beautiful, and the images and relevant content are perfectly suited.  

-Katherine F.


I was looking for someone to develop a website for me to start an e-commerce business. I have twin grandkids and found it was difficult to find stores. I decided to build a website to fill a need. Deleni Group filled the need,  and went beyond my expectations. Deleni Group appeared to have much experience in this area and were thorough in their explanations, and customer support training. I would highly recommend Deleni Group to anyone wishing to develop a website.

William P.



Greetings from the East Coast,
Hope all is well. All good here on NC coast, especially since a neighbor came across some Cottonelle and made it a gift.
       I am thoroughly enjoying working with everyone at Deleni Group as things progress with my website. Everyone is so nice, professional and knowledgeable. The big thing is I get the feeling everyone wants to ensure my success and are enthusiastic in providing needed tools, guidance and understanding as to what it takes.
       I’m looking forward to continuing on this journey, especially since I know everyone at Deleni has my back. 
All the best,

Dave A.



I love my new website. I can’t wait for the world to see it. It is so professional and so inviting. I appreciate all the hard work that went into making it. I want to thank everyone. Especially Miriam, she has always been there for me and takes the time to help me with anything I need.

Berda G.


It has been a pleasant adventure working with Stephanie and members of the Deleni Group.  When I first spoke with them, they explained in detail what they do, and what I could expect. Our sessions were handled very professionally, and I was given information and help that I needed to understand the process of the setting up of my site. I have dealt with other companies before, that did not communicate well, and felt that made it hard for me to succeed. I feel very confident now, because Deleni Group takes the time to communicate with me, and help me to learn through our sessions.  I could never have done this by myself.  They have been reliable, patient, and pleasant to work with.  Thank you for your patience with me. I know it was not your easiest job but I know it will be successful.  Thank you again.


Carolyn B.


I was really excited to see the created site and I truly appreciate how well it turned out! 
Esmeralda M.


I decided to work with Deleni Group after speaking with them about the kind of help I needed.
I needed help creating a website with a catchy domain name that would be easily found on search engines and would capture people’s interest and desire to look further.
One thing that I liked was how detailed each phone session was on how to gain a lot of attraction to your website.
The results were great, and I especially liked how the home page turned out.
I found the experience to be very interesting and challenging while achieving a great design.
I would recommend Deleni Group to friends, and anyone who wants a website or has an existing site they would like to upgrade or update.

Lloyd L.


I have nothing but positive things to say about the Deleni Group. Let me start off by saying in the past I’ve had websites built for me. I even tried building one myself. Putting it mildly, the results were devastating. I lost money and valuable time. But I never gave up on achieving my dream. I believed one day I would find a way to become an entrepreneur. The ultimate goal to be in a position where I could actually help people less fortunate than myself. Someone people can relate to and want to emulate and follow my path. The Deleni Group has given me the opportunity to fulfill my dream. They created a website that far exceeds my expectations. I was skeptical at first, so I did my due diligences. I researched the Deleni Group. What convinced me were the many positive testimonies from previous clients. The professionalism of the staff. Being able to easily communicate with the staff. Talking with the staff is like talking to a friend, it’s just that comfortable. They are very knowledgeable in their field. They respond to my many questions in a way that I understand. This was very important to me because my knowledge about computers and websites is very limited. I would highly recommend the Deleni Group to anyone who wants to succeed in life. They are honesty, forthright, and transparent. I put my trust in them and was not disappointed. They are outstanding. Thank you.

 David W. J.





Recently, I retired from a very rewarding career in higher education. However, I still wanted to continue to remain productive. I am confident and not afraid to take risks, so I invested in an online business, which then led me to the Deleni Group. Previously, I knew nothing about online business and knew I needed to work with an organization that I felt comfortable with, trusted and could pursue my goal. Throughout the process, I felt like a valued client and was very impressed by their business model and the overall service that they have provided.

It’s been a learning curve. I really had no knowledge on how to develop an effective, productive website. Having been in the business world before, I know how important customer service is to the success of any business. This immediately stood out to me with the Deleni Group. They know how to gauge their clients, determine their needs and come up with the appropriate solutions.  I could tell by interacting with them that they were highly professional and could enable their clients towards success. Everyone I spoke with was clearly organized, well spoken and highly competent.

 I am continuing to develop my website with the guidance of the Deleni Group. With their support I am confident that my online initiative will be well worth the investment.  I have been fortunate to be working with them and would highly recommend anyone who is thinking about starting a website to seriously consider their services.

 Shout out to Miriam, Emma, Stephanie and Michael! Thanks for your guidance and  support.


Rene C.



WordPress Web Design Services

WordPress is quickly proving itself as the premiere choice for successfully maintained content management systems. However, if you’re looking for a web-design solution other than WordPress, no problem! At Deleni Group, our team of web developers has years of professional experience working with all major CMS platforms.

WordPress takes almost any web design task and makes it extremely user-friendly and easy to understand.

While the simplicity of WordPress is a major draw for some, it still delivers efficiency on all web marketing platforms across the board. Whether you’re looking for a simple 5 page brochure site, a fully functional eCommerce site, or a complicated backend suite with login requirements & data query response, WordPress has been designed to do all of this & more in a convenient and user-friendly manner. NO CODING necessary!

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